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A name respected by ocean yachtsmen!

A yacht shows its true worth when sailing the world’s oceans. Shortcomings are exposed without mercy. Reputation and theories notwithstanding – time and the elements determine what does and does not work on board.

At Hutting Yachts we know the laws of the ocean and our track record goes back three decades. Self-evidently we know that extreme seaworthiness is founded on many years of practical experience – plus ongoing development and revision on voyages across the seven seas.

Practice has proved us right - because ocean sailors put their trust in the name Hutting Yachts. They rely on our robust aluminium construction, excellent sailing qualities and the high-level standard equipment of their yacht.

Are you looking for sea-worthiness, top-quality standard equipment and a superior finish? Then we offer this challenge – check out your demands against our yachts, on this site. And if you have questions or suggestions Be sure to let us know! – because at Hutting Yachts we’re dedicated to sharing our passion for sailing.

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