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Since the foundation in 1969, Altena Yachting has expanded to an impressive and reliable company, that builds yachts with a distribution all over the world. We build high quality motor yachts in the range from 12 metre till 20 metres and chine as well as multichine. These yachts are all luxury motor yachts, diversify of inland navigation (CE-C), coast cruisers (CE-B) till seaworthy yachts.

Altena Yachting has for everyone who has an interest for motor yachts, a yacht they will enjou. The cruisers Excel and Family (CE-B) for the rivers, canal cruisers (CE-C) for the French canals, the Blue Water Trawler (CE-A) for the sea and for wild waters.

Altena Yachting is a company who stands for quality, reliability, flexibility and has a optimum service. We are able to build a yacht in order, which comes up to your wishes and demands. Also we are able to rebuild your yacht completely or repair and renovate.

The position of our shipyard, which is established at the river "Bergse Maas" (freeway A27), also has an unique pier for 20 yachts.

If you have questions or you want to receive more information, you can always contact us.

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