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Form Follows Function | when seakeeping ability, strength and performance come together, the result is a passage maker of timeless design that is the ultimate platform for engaging any ocean, sea or inland waterway.

One of the main outstanding features of a Korvet is its increased cruising speed and maneuverability as a result of the light weight and efficient hull shape. Our Aluminum fast-displacement hulls enable cruising and top speeds well over those of traditional motor yachts. A typical cruising speed is 10 knots which is 20 to 30% above the hull speed of regular steel and GRP displacement hulls. At that speed the engines run at their most efficient setting, adding range and safety to your journey. 

Almost indestructible and low on maintenance, a Korvet will provide boating pleasure for generations. The full range of our Aluminum motor yachts is featured on these pages. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Deep Water Yachts is the unique grouping of handpicked expert companies in the Dutch yacht building industry that jointly aims to build the best yachts in the market. All expert companies in their own field, together they form an unbeatable combination of quality and expertise. The synergy achieved through this strategic alliance results in a yacht that is the platform of choice for serious offshore yachting and ocean crossing.

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