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About Aquanaut Dutch Craftsmanship BV

With a team of 50 craftsmen, Aquanaut Yachting Holland builds from steel, the widely known Aquanaut motor yachts.

The yachts are built in length of 10 to 17 meters in 7 model-lines with over 35 variations. From laying the keel to the final quality control, everything is done within the company. In fact we are the first yacht builder in the Netherlands to quality for the ISO 9001 certificate to equivalent and we have to abide most stringent quality controls.

The Aquanaut Charter fleet consists of 15 Aquanaut boats. Technical innovations are tested in our charter ships. This ensures that our fleet stays up to date.

At our website you will keep informed about the always changing occasions ships.
Aquanaut is importer of the Aquador, Bella and Flipper polyester boats.
Our marina has place for over more than 90 boats and 72 places in the covered berths you can hire or buy.

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