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Placed on 26/06/2018

Jachtwerf Heeg is the builder of popular sailyachts such as the Randmeer, Splash and G2. In September 2017 the yard presented its new Pointer 22, ten of which have already been sold. The internet played an important role in three of those sales.

The Pointer 22 (6.50 metres) can be considered a daysailer or trailer-sailer. Its modest cabin is suitable for spending the night onboard, there’s space for a portable toilet or cooler and even for younger children to sleep. The retractable keel ensures that the Pointer can be transported by trailer, while its variable depth, ranging from 0.30 to 1.10 metres, allows it to be sailed in the Frisian lakes and coastal waters. 

The electromotor, suspended between the twin rudders, can be lifted from the water while sailing. “When combined with the heaviest battery, it allows the captain to sail full throttle for three hours,” says Geert Wijma, owner director of Jachtwerf Heeg. “Another option is replacing the Torqeedo electromotor with a standard outboard engine, a 4 hp Yamaha.” 

Affordable & extremely versatile
Wijma recognises that the Pointer 22 is positioned in a highly competitive market segment. “But the fact that it is both affordable and extremely versatile makes it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, being a trailer-sailer it has attracted a great deal of international interest too. The boat weights 750 kilos – with trailer, the total weight is just 1100 kilos.” 

The trial shows that the Pointer 22 is easy to sail. All the lines can be operated from the cockpit and everything is delayed to such an extent that it doesn’t require too much effort. Sailing at half wind with the furling gennaker of 28 square metres results in a decent speed – seven knots – even with little wind. 

Wijma is particularly proud that the Pointer 22 can be largely composed online by the client. Via the yacht configurator, available on the Pointer 22 homepage (, clients can enter a large number of variables and see the result. This involves aspects such as the colour of the hull, deck and cushions, and the types of sailing gear. The main sail and genoa are standard, but clients can select options such as a furling gennaker. A unique feature is that the roll cushions provide comfortable back support when sitting in the cockpit. The colour of these can also be adapted in the online design tool. 

Speed up the sales proces
Wijma calls the Pointer 22 a success, and partly due to the design tool, which allows clients to choose all the features they want from the comforts of home. “We don’t sell Pointers purely via the internet, of course. People do really need to see the boat and take it on a trial sail before they buy it. Nonetheless the design tool saves a lot of time once the client is in the showroom. There’s no need to discuss all the colour options or show all the possible variations. Moreover, clients can pose much more specific questions and speed up the sales process.” 

According to Wijma, Jachtwerf Heeg is one of the first Dutch yards to use such a tool. “We are by no means unique; the automotive industry has virtually adopted the method as standard. But for us this is a first and at least three clients have created their Pointer 22 online before confirming their purchase in the showroom. This is the future.”

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