WhisperPower to launch a range of variable speed generators for marine leisure sector

Placed on 25/04/2018
WhisperPower to launch a range of variable speed generators for marine leisure sector

Following the successfull launch of the Piccolo 4 kVA Genverter variable speed generator, WhisperPower introduces a complete Piccolo range consisting of models up to 12 kVA equipped with super noise-damping polyester sound enclosures.

Since the introduction of the Piccolo 4 kVA in 2015, more than 1000 units have been sold. The combination of its compact dimensions, low noise level, low weight, attractive price and high (peak) power (two air conditioners can be started up with one Piccolo) has made the launch of this product a resounding success. The most important market for the Piccolo lies with new and used sail and motor yachts in the 28 - 40 Ft range which, with the addition of the Piccolo 4 KVA, benefit from becoming completely independent of shore power.

Johannes Doornbosch, WhisperPower’s International Sales Manager says: “The sales area for the Piccolo has been extended from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland to also include Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the Pacific and the Middle East. Plus, WhisperPower is starting to gain a foothold with the Piccolo in the United States and Japan as well. The units are in fact also suitable for 120 V / 60 Hz and meet the local emission requirements Tier 4 and EPA (USA standard)."

The development of the complete Piccolo range to include Genverter models of 8, 10 and 12 kVA comes in response to market demand. Shipyards and installers were looking for variable speed generators for yachts up to 20 metres to act as a night or main generator whilst featuring the same characteristics as the Piccolo 4 kVA. All of the Piccolo models feature a polyester sound enclosure which is simple to remove making service is easy to carry out. A stylish and intuitive 5 or 7 inch TOUCH panel also makes operation and monitoring easy - the system can even be monitored remotely.

The Genverter principle, developed by WhisperPower, consists of a diesel generator that delivers an exact 230 V voltage and 50 Hz frequency independent of the engine's speed. This is made possible by permanent magnet alternator technology that is also used for wind turbines. A so-called PMG inverter ensures that the generated power is converted into pure sine wave. The range of speed goes from 2000 to 2800 rpm, ideal for the diesel engines used. As a result of the technology applied, the Genverter generators are 30-50% smaller and lighter than traditional generators. The speed can be adjusted in accordance with the required power enabling optimal functionality of the diesel engine, reducing noise, vibration and fuel consumption and extending the life of the unit.

AC and DC Concept
"We supply the Piccolo models for both 230 V / 50 Hz applications and DC versions, whereby the Piccolo becomes part of a complete WhisperPower hybrid energy system in which a service battery serves as an energy reservoir. This battery is charged by the DC Piccolo and the connected high power WhisperPower inverters of 4, 7, 14 or more kVA deliver constant 230 V / 50 Hz. Generally with this type of installation, the use of a small diesel engine set to a low speed is sufficient meaning the engine noise can barely be heard. The DC Piccolo keeps battery levels up and kicks in when the consumers have used up the energy reservoir. Thanks to this system, generator running hours are kept to a minimum resulting in lower fuel consumption, less maintenance and significantly reduced emissions. The use of old-fashioned, large diesel generators that run for a long period of time, often  with very little load, is on its way out", says Roel ter Heide, owner and CEO of WhisperPower.

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