Torqeedo and WhisperPower collaborate to develop DC Generator

Placed on 04/04/2018
Torqeedo and WhisperPower collaborate to develop DC Generator

To extend the range of a yacht or ship equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid electric propulsion system, Torqeedo has, in close collaboration with WhisperPower, developed a 25 kW 350V DC variable speed diesel generator. Torqeedo has named the generator the Range Extender. The generator has been specifically designed for recreational and commercial applications as a back-up battery charger for the Torqeedo - BMW battery pack which supplies the energy for the propulsion engines (from 60 kW) and the onboard consumption.

Compact and silent
This incredibly compact and silent generator is based on the Genverter principle that WhisperPower has successfully established on the worldwide market. The basic principle of the Genverter is that the speed is adjusted to the desired or required power. The advanced power electronics ensure that the generator always operates at the most efficient speed so that fuel consumption, noise, vibration and exhaust emissions are minimised; the consumption is only 295g of fuel per kWh of electricity and the noise level of 54 db (A) at a distance of 7 metres is very low.

Deep Blue Hybrid
Integrated into the Deep Blue Hybrid system, the Range Extender forms part of an innovative system that offers unrivalled comfort, luxury and independence based on largely zero-emission sailing. An important option is the generation of energy for charging the BMW-i lithium batteries through renewable energy sources such as solar panels and hydro generators. The Deep Blue electric motors and all consumers (hotel loads), including the air conditioning, are provided with silent power as far as and whenever possible. During a long trip or if the hotel load requires more power than the batteries are able to supply, the DC generator is automatically managed and started up by the Advanced Hybrid Control System providing the reassurance of back-up power.

Perfect synergy
"Torqeedo is very happy with the cooperation with WhisperPower. The product synergy is perfect. says Christoph Ballin, Co-founder and CEO of Torqeedo. Roel ter Heide, founder and CEO of WhisperPower: "We have known each other for years, in fact both companies are about the same age. We have a lot of respect for what Torqeedo has achieved. They started out as pioneers and are now market leaders. As electric propulsion systems are needing more and more power, a back-up or extra energy system is becoming increasingly necessary.  I would say a perfect match."

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