De Boarnstream

De Boarnstream

Industriewei 2
9011 WH Jirnsum
The Netherlands

Mrs. Wies Hokwerda

phone +31 566600828

De Boarnstream International Marine Group is an umbrella organization of three companies:
-    De Boarnstream International Motoryachts
-    Jachtwerf De Boarnstream
-    Jachthaven De Boarnstream
Since 1964 the family-owned company De Boarnstream in the Frisian village Jirnsum has grown and has been become one of the biggest Dutch water sport companies. De Marine Group is builder of the steel Motoryachts Boarncruiser, importer of Marex, seller of quality yachts (also yacht broker), exploiter of a marina, and above all supplier of water sport fun!
The Boarncruiser is a Dutch tailer-maid suite. Special designed afther your wishes. The Boarncruiser is a quality product and is suitable for a long stay on board.
The pay-off ‘Boarn to cruise… a way of life’ underlines the mission to create the surplus value for her customers by combining the product knowledge and the possibilities which the water sport offers with the developments in the market, until a carefree recreation for the Boarnstream customers.

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