World premiere of the North-Line 50 during the HISWA in the Water Boat Show

Placed on 14/08/2017

North-Line Yachts will present their new North-Line 50 during the HISWA in the Water Boat Show. The recently launched motor yacht will be shown for the first time during the Show in Amsterdam. The North-Line 50 is the largest vessel in the North-Line series so far. This modern yacht has a seaworthy and tough appearance but the sophisticated interior is both classic and modern and fitted with the latest technologies. This vessel has been built to withstand bad weather conditions with its CE category A classification.

The ‘North-Line 50 Wheelhouse’  has been designed by Arthur Mursell of TT Boat Designs, a company well known for their designs of the famous Nelson motor vessels. This grp semi displacement motor yacht is characterized by impressive features and has a hull form designed for speed and fuel efficiency.

This yacht has 2 x 715 hp engines and can achieve a top speed of 29 knots. The North-Line 50 has three cabins with six berths and features a large electric sliding wheelhouse roof and the most modern navigation equipment. The yacht is semi-custom build and is and luxuriously equipped.

North-Line Yachts
For more than 40 years North-Line has been active in the marine business. In the last ten years in particular the company has been building motor yachts from 26 to 60 ft. Everything is manufactured in-house: from grp work, to joinery and the installation of the engines.  As well as building the North-Line Yachts the company has also been building the steel Kuster motor yachts for last two years. For more information, visit and

North-Line Yachts
Marije Mulder
Kelvinstraat 2D
NL-8861 ND  Harlingen                     
T: +31 517-391054

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